After Iceland, we took a quick tour of southern Norway via the Norway in a Nutshell route. Most of the trip was spent sitting on a train trying to take decent pictures while moving and with glass windows in the way. We then sat on a ferry trying to take decent pictures while the sun set and the light slowly disappeared.

The Flam Railway was pretty cute. With all the tunnels, it was like playing peek-a-boo with the mountains.

In the middle of the trip, we spent a night in Bergen, which is where things got interesting. Once we got off the train, we headed out into the city to find some food. At dinner, I discovered the most unhelpful translations ever. I applaud the effort to be inclusive, but…


Now onto the disaster that was trying to find our airbnb. We had arranged to have our host pick us up at the train station. Unfortunately, his wife went into labor right at that moment, so we were left to find our own way. Confused by his bus directions, we decided to walk. Along the way we must have looked quite lost because a student asked us if we needed directions as we passed through a university campus. We were actually lost, so that was pretty helpful. When we finally made it to the apartment complex, I discovered my phone had decided to stop working because it was too cold. That was rather unfortunate because the instructions on which apartment to ring were on there. So I tried my best to remember what I had read and made an educated guess. I got lucky. It was the right one.


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