An Alaskan Cruise

Last summer, I went on a cruise with my parents. In Alaska, we stopped at Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay National Park, and Ketchikan. The trip was so long ago I honestly can’t remember that much anymore. This post will be mostly pictures.

Our first order of business in Juneau was to eat some king crab legs.


We then took the tram up the mountain and found some trees with fun roots.

Next up, Mendenhall Glacier.


En route to the glacier, we trekked across this bridge of stones. While crossing, my mom told me to be careful not to fall in. She fell in immediately after.


Back on the boat, we confusedly signed up for a drinks plan. We ended up drinking mocktails every day, so the plan wouldn’t go completely to waste. So many no-jitos. My diet during this trip could be summed up by mocktails, seafood, and beer.

The next stop, Skagway, was my favorite stop of the trip. It was the one day where it didn’t rain, so went spent most of it hiking.

Glacier Bay was next, also very pretty. A less sunny day, but I did enjoy the mysterious effect of the fog. I think the park would be even more majestic if experienced by kayak. Being on a giant cruise ship, it’s hard to fully appreciate the size of the glaciers. Maybe someday I’ll be outdoorsy enough to return.

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This poor glacier was getting no love. Though to be fair I don’t think anyone realized it was also a glacier.


Final stop in Alaska was Ketchikan, the salmon capital of the world. I spent a good hour or so wondering what the horrible smell was before I realized it was streams filled with dead salmon.

The cutest part of town was Creek Street, which used to be the red light district.


Most notable part of this stop was some wildlife spotting.

I’ll end this post with some words of wisdom from a waiter on the cruise ship. “If you are looking for whales and you don’t see any, just drink some more beer, and you’ll see some.”



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