Iceland (Part 4) – Glacier Hike and Game of Thrones

Last semester I stopped posting on this blog because I was all kinds of busy. This semester I’ve just been lazy. Time to be better.

Our fourth day in Iceland began with an early morning hike on one of Vatnajökull’s outlet glaciers. I must admit I was slightly terrified when our guide casually pointed out a 40m deep hole and told us not to fall into it. Other fun points of the hike included wandering into a glacier crevasse, tasting a piece of the glacier, and taking shots of brandy from a hole drilled into a particularly large block of ice that our guide had freed from the glacier below us. Did I mention it was pretty?

We also happened to be at the glacier where Game of Thrones was filming. They weren’t too happy about us stomping our way through the background of their shot. Oh well.


The next stop of the day was Reynisfjara, the black sand beach, home of the deadly sneaker waves. IMG_6517

Despite the silly name, the waves are actually quite dangerous. Beach is still pretty. Just don’t take selfies with your back to the water. Top tip: don’t pay to use the bathrooms at the beach. The machine is broken and will eat your money. Also, there are free bathrooms inside.



The last stop of the tour before heading back to Reykjavík was Seljalandsfoss. All the paths had completely iced over, so we had a lot of fun skating around and sliding down the sloped edges of the bridge.


One thing I noticed on our three day journey along the coast is the multipurpose nature of so many buildings. The hotel we stayed at during the second night of the tour had a lobby that was also a restaurant and a history museum. We also stopped by a gas station where you can buy snow boots.

Back in Reykjavík, we headed over to the Beer Garden to grab some dinner. Since we accidentally went in through the hotel entrance instead of the bar entrance, it look a bit of searching to find. It wasn’t too difficult since we could just follow the smell of beer. I ordered a burger. It was yummy.


After dinner, we walked across to the other side of the downtown area to get ice cream. Was it worth the walk? Yes. They had a rainbow unicorn in the shop. Real or plastic? You’ll have to go find out for yourself.


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