Iceland (Part 3) – South Coast/Ice Cave

This day started out on a rough note when I accidentally put sugar on my eggs at breakfast. Would not recommend.

We then drove along the South Coast, stopping at various photo ops.

We also passed the place where they filmed the opening scene for Rogue One. Looks a little different covered in snow.

Eventually we arrived at Jökulsárlón, the glacial lagoon. The wind here was so strong that it actually managed to push me over. For some reason I still thought it would be a great idea to battle my way up to the top of the hill to get a better view.

The icebergs are much more impressive in person. My photography skills need work. If you could just imagine them as massive giants looming over you that’d be great. Thanks.

After exploring the lagoon, it was time for the highlight of the day: the ice cave. In order to reach the glacier, we loaded up a van with massive tires and headed off down the bumpiest of roads. Quick tip: pee beforehand.

Ice is so pretty.

The last stop of the day was Diamond Beach. Also very pretty.



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